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Moteur de secours, Anakao - Tuléar en moins d'une heure
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Daily fast boats

Toliara - Anakao

100 000 Ar Return ticket

less than one hour

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Daily fast boats Toliara <-> Anakao towards the hotel of your choice

The company

The company Anakao Transfert was created in 2012 to respond to a request for transfers in fast and safe boats between Tuléar and Anakao.

It has all the permissions and standardizations required for this type of activities, the certificates being visible at the boarding office in Tuléar. It is listed as such in the commercial register of companies of Tuléar (Toliara).

In 2014 a second transfer boat equipped with an engine of 250 ph Yamaha was put into service.

In 2015 the boarding place change for a better one: The restaurant BLU beach. That means a big improve in the passager comfort.

The boarding place in Toliara, restaurant le Blu


Boarding departing from Tuléar is in the restaurant BLU very easy to find on the beach of Toliara. Every morning at 8:45. It is possible and very nice to have breakfast in the restaurant, on the seafront.

The BLU is a recently renovated, very trendy and very successful restaurant: www.blutulear.com/ it is a pleasant moment to take before boarding to Anakao.

Nice boarding departure place to Anakao

Speed boat

The boat makes daily transfer between Anakao and Toliara (Tulear).

Hull was manufactured in Nosy Be, this unit is equipped with a 250 hp Yamaha engine and an emergency engine. It was commissioned in August 2014 to cope with the increasing demand for transfer’s boat towards Anakao.

Safety on board: The safety of our boats is provided by:

  • Boat in permanent connection
  • Telephones on board
  • Experienced and trained Pilots
  • Emergency engine
  • Lifejacket

 Departure from Toliara